Discovering Charleston: A Vibrant Day in the Historic City

With the onset of Spring, it was time for another day trip! We perused the best bets list to select a location for our escape day. On the list was a place I had been hoping to visit: Charleston! Reasonably close by, it was the perfect choice for brunch and a walk.

Jetting off on a day trip adventure ✈️ #Wanderlust

The Journey

We took the first flight in the morning and transferred through Charlotte, where we grabbed a mini muffin and orange juice from the lounge. (a perk of our credit card) Leaving the lounge in perfect time, we essentially walked from the lounge straight onto the plane. With fortune on our side, we were both upgraded to first class and moved to claim our seats at the front. After a short flight, we deplaned and called an Uber to the brunch restaurant that we had selected.

Brunch in Charleston

At our chosen restaurant, Ruby Sunshine, we ordered much-needed coffee. For our breakfast picks, Bryan ordered catfish and grits while I ordered Southern variations of eggs benedict. The benedict was delicious! Having not gone out for breakfast together in over a year, we savored the experience.

Sights of the City

I created a Google map with pre-saved points of interest to guide us on a lovely walk to experience some highlights of Charleston. First, we walked through a market. There were horse-drawn carriages available for tourists around the city that we observed as we walked. After the market, we went to the waterfront and saw large barge ships and pelicans. Nearby, there was a beautiful park featuring the famous pineapple fountain. Walking along the pathway next to the water, we proceeded to the famous Rainbow Row.

The beautiful pastel houses were especially adorable in the springtime, with flowers abound and window boxes overflowing with blooms. After enjoying the houses, we continued to Battery Park. There was construction at the park, so we couldn’t enjoy the waterfront as it was fenced off, but there were magnificent trees to stroll through. Looking up, we saw a variety of herons in the trees. They were quite active and fun to watch.

Walking through Charleston

Having completed our list of sights, we worked our way back into town. We wandered in town, taking an alternate route, around adorable houses with beautiful gardens. We passed a few churches and historic cemeteries and were able to go inside St. Michael’s Church. There were a few churches we missed that looked beautiful as well. We also passed Washington Square on our walk. Wanting to rest our feet, we stopped at a cafe near the market for tea before heading back to the airport.

The Journey Home

Luckily, the airport had a lounge, so we had a quiet place to enjoy each other’s company. I was lucky to get a first-class seat on the final leg back home. All of this adventure, and we made it home by dinner! Refreshed from a beautiful day, we still had time for an adequate night’s sleep before returning to work the following day. Sometimes, even the quickest of day trips is enough for a recharge. We could have taken the last flight home, but we were able to enjoy the city and come home refreshed rather than exhausted from a long day. For us, it was the perfect amount of time.

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