Giving Thanks: Reflecting on the Unique Opportunities Travel Benefits Bring

Give thanks

With Thanksgiving coming to a close, I thought it would be an apt time to briefly reflect on the joys of Non-Rev Travel and give thanks for travel benefits. It allows me to visit my family more often, if I am lucky, even for holidays like Thanksgiving! I will be forever grateful for this unique moment when my husband and I can look at each other, realize we have two days off that align, and promptly ask, “Where do you want to go?”

With travel benefits, Bryan was able to fly to Maui for lunch. I jetted off to Maine for lunch. Additionally, I have visited loved ones and attended weddings, funerals, and more while using our travel benefits. We have had more international trips this past year than on our first five years of marriage combined! We achieved Bryan’s dream by flying Flagship First to London, something we thought we would never do. I have become spoiled by business class and now fully understand the allure. My husband and I have explored countless airports and lounges between our connections. We have gotten stuck, had mishaps, and navigated uncharted territory. We have learned with each trip and have enjoyed the benefits of having a travel credit card that takes our vacations up a notch.

Grateful for Maui

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our adventures and ability to travel on a whim are all made possible with airline benefits, and my job as an electrician certainly helps pay for things when we are there. We are thankful for our jobs and live by the cliché ‘work hard, play hard.’ Play being anywhere from leisurely sipping a glass of wine in France to walking 25,000 steps daily around London. No matter where we go, we always have a good time and enjoy a new experience. I challenge you, non-revs, to confront your comfort zones and go where the plane takes you! Can you beat your 2023 flight miles next year? Appreciate your perk and give thanks for travel benefits!

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