3 Tried and Tested Rules For Non-Rev Bliss During The Holidays

Non-rev travel during the holidays can present both challenges and opportunities. Many swear by the rule of not non-revving over a holiday weekend, as the likelihood of getting stuck or not reaching your destination is augmented. Sometimes, this point is spot on. If it is crucial to get somewhere at a specific time, lean on the side of caution and purchase a confirmed seat. See it as a time to utilize your employee discount (if you have one) and accumulate some credit card points! 

However, as with most rules, there are exceptions. If you are somewhat flexible with your holiday plans and will not be emotionally distraught at the prospect of things going ary, consider a few factors before deciding to embark on your travels.

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1. Non-Rev Travel During the Holiday Itself is Generally Less Turbulent than the Days Surrounding the Holiday

Considering that most people want to be with their families on the actual holiday, it can be an easy travel day. For example, take December 25. People ordinarily prefer to travel a day or two before and leave a day or two after so they have the entire day to enjoy with loved ones. Use this knowledge to your advantage! Work it out with your family to do the Christmas celebrations in the afternoon or evening! Maybe suggest doing your family Christmas on December 26 instead of December 25. Get creative, and you might score a seat to see your family when otherwise you may not have visited. It can also be a splendid opportunity to take a leisure trip since it is likely that there will be empty seats. Research some routes and locations in advance and consider using Best Bets

2. Frequently Check the Seat Availability Before Your Trip

If it is not possible to alter the schedule, non-revving could still be possible. The only trip you are guaranteed to miss is the one you do not attempt! Maybe you are lucky, and your destination airport has low flight loads over the holiday. Keep an eye on the numbers, and if it is looking feasible, take the gamble! You may get lucky! Have a few routing backups just in case irregular operations dramatically change the flight loads. I have seen flights drop from having forty seats open one day, to only two open the following day.

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Are there -2 seats available and 20 standbys? Probably not the best idea to take the gamble, the odds are stacked against you. Is there an apocalyptic snowstorm forecasted for the holiday weekend? That is a recipe for irregular operations. Always weigh your options to determine if the risks of lost time and stress are worth the reward. Sometimes, it may actually be more trouble than it is worth.

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With these tools, enjoy the holidays and have safe travels! Reminisce as you decorate your trees with ornaments acquired on your adventures. I hope you get where you want to go and get home when you planned if you embark on any non-rev travel during the holidays this year!

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