Unforgettable Non-Rev Escapades: The Spontaneous Journey of a Lifetime

Many people can take a week-long vacation somewhere once a year. With flights being so much more accessible to airline employees, a weekend getaway or even a day trip becomes an intriguing possibility. Squeezing a quick trip in between workweeks can be a unique way to recharge. Now instead of driving somewhere nearby, it is within the realm of possibilities to hop on a plane for a weekend getaway. I’ve enjoyed many a quick trip and wanted to share some of my experiences. 


My most recent short trip was to Chicago. I did my undergrad in Chicago, so I had been looking forward to visiting for some time. One of my good friends lives in the city and having a clear schedule allowed for a fantastic opportunity to visit. I went to Chicago alone because my husband had to work at the airport that weekend. Going somewhere familiar was the perfect choice for a solo trip. 


While in Chicago, I enjoyed some nostalgic eats, with the highlight being Del Seoul on Clarke Street. I wandered the neighborhood of Lincoln Park, where I visited the free Lincoln Park Zoo and saw a lion cub. Afterwards, I also went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory (also free) to enjoy plants in the middle of winter and went to the lake to enjoy the view of the blue waters of Lake Michigan against the city skyline. Along with sightseeing, I was able to spend some quality time with one of my best friends and former roommate from college. We got rush tickets to attend a riveting performance of the play Bald Sisters at the Steppenwolf TheatreI came back home from my weekend refreshed and revitalized. Experiences like these are truly unique opportunities that travel benefits allow. 

Hilton Head

Before visiting Chicago, I wanted to get somewhere and back in a single day. My in-laws were also up for the challenge, so we ventured to Hilton Head Island for the day. We arrived in Hilton Head around noon and rented a car to explore for the afternoon. It wasn’t much time, but we walked along the sandy beach on a beautiful day, ate seafood, and visited the Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge (free!). Numerous armadillos crossed our path on our walk at the nature preserve. Having enjoyed the fresh air, we ventured back. We were fortunate to catch the last connecting flight back to Asheville out of Charlotte, accomplishing our 1-day travel goal! I would love to do something like this again soon. 

Where to Take a Quick Trip?

Hilton Head worked out well for us because it was a reasonably short flight, so we had more daytime enjoyment. I recommend picking somewhere close for a day trip. It allows for more time to explore the destination. It’s always wise to have a buffer day if your quick trip doesn’t go smoothly or you get stuck. However, don’t let fear get in the way of your getaway. While no seat is guaranteed, you’ll never know if you don’t try! I can’t wait for another quick trip when my schedule allows it. I will feature more of my travel stories in future blog posts! 

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